Sunday, July 19, 2009

Women Like Me

I'll never have a friendship like hers again.
There will be a hole in the fabric of my tattered being.
How many holes in this moth eaten looking creature before it turns
To dust, I could be seen as the ghost of the world's oldest pregnant
Woman. That's how little I seem to care about perception,
and yet,
A Pucci top, navy handkerchief-linen wide-legged
Weightless pants, so wrinkled they looked slept in.
They were.
The pedicure is way past over, and terribly overdue,
Red tatters.
I must have cared once.
Who will care or notice now?

Lonely old women are invisible.
There was once a word for women like me
I think it might be offensive,
(If you are a woman like me.)
It's only when I walk my little dog that I'm seen.
Then people think "cute dog", and
"great, she's got a poop bag."

© 2010 Peggy Pendleton


Brosreview said...

Frustrations?! Well, I don't detect them here. Seems like you are going with the flow. Simple and well-written! Keep writing!!!

otherworldlyone said...

Now that's talent.

I'm working my way through your vast collection of blogs a little at a time...but so far the poetry is my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by and for your comment the other day. =)

joannity said...

Ah, Utah I know that my comment has nothing to do with your post BUT, and I really must STRESS this...why do the pople who run these blogs and forums and such ,.. seem to go out of their way to make it so difficult to actually get a ost up.. I've gone so far trying to post certain comments that were spontainious at that moment that by the time I have fugured out how to POST it... the original post no longer seems fresh or eveb really relavent...nothning to do with the post that I'm ready ti write once I.m read to actually post, or is it really just "ME" ? is it that I can't figure this stuff out? or do they do this convoluted shit on purpose? jusy one of my pet peeved

Utah Savage said...

Jojo, some bloggers are worried about spam and trolls, so they have word verification windows and comment moderation. In that case you won't see your comment until the blog administrator has decided it isn't something dangerous or hostile or just someone trying to sell something. I just dump comments like that. Mostly I'm interested in readers and what they think, so I don't worry about the other things.

joannity said...

Utah, not so much a case of being worried about any of the technical stuff....just that I am inspired to write something and by the time o go through all the shit about convoluted words to make sure you are a real person and such, whatever it id that I wanted to say seems to have gotten away from me, or as I said....maybe it's just me ....lack of patience...anxiety disorders....hmmmmm? I don't klnow, guess it's not really that important....just annoyiny. ou know?

Ms. Case said...

I like this one.

Cat said...

oh this one - I like this one.