Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The things I got from my family
are a hinky heart and a hot temper,
a dark brooding streak and a propensity
to be alone; leave me alone, but listen

They were aggressively smart people
Good looking and full of seductive power
Careless and hurtful.  Don't take it personally
It's all in your head.  Snap out of it!

The house came tripped to crumble five years
Into the second great depression when I was
Finally left alone in the forest here at the back
Hiding on the alley locked and gated all but invisible

Just me and the dogs waiting
For the loud roar in the quiet of a late summer night

When the house implodes with it's secrets intact
And the roof comes tumbling down


Opaque said...

We inherit both the goods and the bads, don't we?

Utah Savage said...

I never thought I was a bit like my heinous mother until one night a group of girlfriends were having a drink at my place. I was talking about my mother when one of my friends said, "Peggy, you are exactly like your mother." I felt as if I'd been slapped in the face." It was just the wake-up I needed. I've tried very hard to soften my edges, to tone back my rage, to treat my friends with more respect. But it's hard to shake the feeling that I'm not capable of being as nice as I'd like to be. I knew I hadn't had a good role model for parenting so I chose not to have children. But now I realize that I didn't learn how to be a good friend. This realization has left me isolated and alone. I claim to like being alone. But it's really just whistling in the dark. At least my mother had a dutiful daughter to care for her the last years of her life. I will be alone till the bitter end.

R E Onativia said...

"Leave me alone, but listen." That's me, alright. This one hits home more than you'll know and probably more than I want to admit. Great job.

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

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Marinela Reka said...

True, we inherit goods and bad!
Nicely written poem!