Saturday, April 11, 2009

If There is God

If there is god in this
she shapes a humble kindness

A small brown box reveals these gifts
One large moist spicy pumpkin loaf
Heavy like honey with generosity
A slim book of poetry old
In each word upon the page a mans longing
And new to me, a card sacred for such touching humility

These gifts sent to a woman never met
Who writes her secrets on a disappearing page
Perhaps to never know if they are understood
Light sent into a void and answered like a prayer

And yet here is proof: a loaf, a book of poetry, a card

©2009 Peggy Pendleton


Anonymous said...

You just might have a knack for this poetry thing ;)

eizzy.k said...

subtle yet stirs in us feelings so profound...its always in the simple little things isn’t it?

Reminds me of the saying: God is in the elements...

Utah Savage said...

I am an atheist or omni-agnostic. But there is something divine in the generosity that is born of the heart and is expressed in the smallest of ways. These gifts touch me deeply. And yes, eizzy, I do believe that if there is god, "god is in the elements."

Anonymous said...

Oh where did she spring from? See I do not come in here enough and I have only just read her.Forgive me.
She is beautiful,you; so full of images clear in ones mind and touching ones heart.Drawing one in and making them feel belonged.
And you say you do not write much Poetry, but at least when you do there is an impact on the reader. Especially this reader.

Anonymous said...

BTW I do not call myself a Poet either! I am more of a scribbler!
You are always too gracious in your comments about my 'babies' but I thank you sincerely. I wished I believed in myself as much as you seem to *sigh*

eizzy.k said...

P.S. I taged you in my blog, not the poetry one, the other one. got something there for you!