Friday, May 16, 2008


The boarder’s penis
Reflected at it’s dark nest of tangled swirling hair
Behind the door in a mirror I opened by mistake
Knock once and turn the knob
In a child’s mirror framed neck to knee like a rare art find
A nude male Venus without the head
And lower legs to pull the eye

It takes root in my minds eye
Like kudzu it nudges in its way
The shadowed steamy crevices
Of my woman’s rich imagination
Eyes close and it rises lighter than air
I feel it on my open palm, warm as a loaf
Heavier than heat rising in a
Black cloud of roaming curls
The skin at the place where leg joins torso
Juts hip bone mocha and tender
Expose the throb of blood
Beneath the skin

The scent of his room is dark cool rich
Like good soil or a healthy root

©2007 Peggy Pendleton


thepoetryman said...

My that is a nice one. I imagined many things as I read it. You have a unique voice and it is refreshing.

Thank you.

eizzy.k said...

wow, now that took root in my mind! lol

Anonymous said...

And as I read her I got the feeling that I shouldn't be. That kind of looking but not looking feeling.Yet savouring the memory.Good write, you.